Aim, policy and practices

Science Review, an open access journal, aims to provide a readership with coverage of major advances in all aspects of science, and comes with prominent publication, online, to short reports of important fundamental research in all fields of science.

Reports must be of new, not a marginal extension of previous work, published, and they must not be a repetition of prior results on a similar system, without additional insight philosophy. Science Review publishes new scientific discovery of not more than 3500 words and Comments of not more than 750 words, which must meet specific standards as judged by rigorous review by editors and referees.

Work is valid if it is free of detectable error and is presented in sufficient detail that this may be determined. Papers that advance new theoretical views on fundamental principles or theories must contain convincing arguments that the new predictions and interpretations are distinct from existing knowledge and do not contradict experiment.

A comment must correct or criticize an important, central aspect of a specific Letter. Letters, Comments, and Replies must provide proper citations to pertinent earlier work and credit significant contributions by non authors. Sufficient detail and detectable error free works are accepted for online publication. New theoretical development with convincing arguments are encouraged to submit.