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Study the Properties of Jute-Cotton and Glass Fibre Reinforced Composite Sheet

A composite material is one in which two or more materials that are different are combined to form a single structure with identifiable interfaces at multi-scales to achieve properties that are superior to those of its constituents. Composites are designed to achieve unique mechanical properties and superior performance characteristics not possible with any of the component material alone. An experimental work was done at Textile Physics Division of BJRI in 2015 for the manufacture of jute, cotton and glass fire reinforced composite corrugated sheet suitable for roofing in poultry and rural housing. .For the investigation jute, cotton and glass fibre were used as reinforcing material and polyester resin were used as matrix material. This paper reports the findings of an experimental investigation conducted on the engineering properties of jute, cotton and glass fibre reinforced composite corrugated sheet. Different fabric design and volume fractions were used as reinforcement for corrugated sheet to determine the physical, mechanical and thermal properties of the composite. The results of this investigation have shown the feasibility of using jute fibres for producing low cost housing materials..