Advice to Referees

The editors, often, may have some specific questions or comments relating to the paper and may also enclose additional reference material. You are requested to read them before your review, and address them either in your report or in additional comments to the editors.

Any manuscripts to be scientifically sound and significantly in advance level of research, and to be presented in satisfactory form. The editors are always in favor of a single comprehensive article. Regular articles allow space for comprehensive discussion, but sometimes may be short. Rapid Communications are intended for especially important results that deserve accelerated publication, and are therefore given priority in both the editorial and production process.

Scientific soundness of the paperand inclusion of substantive arguments supported by concrete facts will strongly influence the editors value. Good presentation and wide readability are necessary, but not sufficient, qualities for a paper that is meant to influence the research activities of many readers. Always remember to introduce the basic issues addressed and the primary achievements, proper context, sufficient references, clarity of stated assumptions, jargon minimization, stand-alone title and abstract, and effectively presented tables and figures, for potential impact of the paper on the science community.